Cute 18 y.o. girl from Utah has Utah-rus stretched


Starring: Charlotte Stokely
Movie Length: 46min 24sec
Teen Charlotte came to the Big City looking for fame and fortune and became infamous for taking a Ginormous Blackzilla Cock all the way up to her eyeballs! Watch this cute young blonde try to wrap her lips around Blackzilla’s monster cock before he stuffs her little white pussy full of his big black dick till it won’t fit anymore!
mdfn_050724_Charlotte-1.jpg mdfn_050724_Charlotte-2.jpg mdfn_050724_Charlotte-3.jpg mdfn_050724_Charlotte-4.jpg

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Liv find these two beasts at the pet store


Starring: Liv Wylder
Movie Length: 49min 59sec
Little Liv was at the pet store when she came across these two beasts, little did she know that if she went along with them, they would turn her into their treat. They did her in her pussy and got all up in her guts, hell these to brothas had their way with her and even did her in the butt!
2b2bt_051028_Liv-1.jpg 2b2bt_051028_Liv-2.jpg 2b2bt_051028_Liv-3.jpg 2b2bt_051028_Liv-4.jpg

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India gets divided by the big black beaver cleaver


Starring: India Summer
Movie Length: 32min 48sec
So how big is the Zilla’s rod Ask India who thought he was a Greek God Cause the things his cock did to her poon Made her pussy cum like a raging monsoon!
MMFN_060914_India-1.jpg MMFN_060914_India-2.jpg MMFN_060914_India-3.jpg MMFN_060914_India-4.jpg

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Daisy is a real Miss America hottie


Starring: Daisy Duxxx
Movie Length: 43min 45sec
Check out this chic she’s as hot as can be, a girl from the south, a real brotha’s dream. A real scream queen when these 2 big brotha’s slide their black snakes deep in her poon!
2b2bt_060314_Daisy-1.jpg 2b2bt_060314_Daisy-2.jpg 2b2bt_060314_Daisy-3.jpg 2b2bt_060314_Daisy-4.jpg

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Blackzilla feasts on 2 young girls


Starring: Daisy and Eva
Movie Length: 30min 19sec
The gorgeous Eva Angelina brings a skinny white teen for Blackzilla to feast on. Daisy has never been fucked by a big black monster cock before, her daddy would have never approved of such a thing, but Eva talks her into giving it a try and this little skinny white girl gets a foot of big black dick stuff into her mouth and pussy. Eva shows Daisy how it’s done and these two daughters suck and fuck Blackzilla’s huge monster cock until he blows his load all over their young faces!
mdfn_050312_Daisy-1.jpg mdfn_050312_Daisy-2.jpg mdfn_050312_Daisy-3.jpg mdfn_050312_Daisy-4.jpg

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Satine’s beaver gets log jammed by Blackzilla


Starring: Satine Phoenix
Movie Length: 23min 39sec
Satine had a real lark When she rode a cock that’s big, thick and dark It’s what happens when you fuck the Zilla The one cock guaranteed to thrill ya Now Satine is a happy ho Cause she gave Blackzilla’s cock a go!
MMFN_060804_Satine-1.jpg MMFN_060804_Satine-2.jpg MMFN_060804_Satine-3.jpg MMFN_060804_Satine-4.jpg

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MILF gives Blackzilla a massage, with her mouth!


Starring: Brianna Beach
Movie Length: 25min 04sec
Brianna is a sexy horny MILF and when she sees Blackzilla’s big black dick, this young mom wants all 12 inches of that monster cock pounding her pussy and making her feel like a teen again. Blackzilla’s huge dick takes Brianna to that special place, where her pussy feels small and tight, like it was 18 again, that foot of massive black cock fills her up, bringing this MILF close to climax. It’s been so long since her face has been covered in cum, should Brianna open her mouth and drink the juice or take the facial and bask in its glory? You’ll have to watch to find out!
MMFN_006_Brianna-1.jpg MMFN_006_Brianna-2.jpg MMFN_006_Brianna-3.jpg MMFN_006_Brianna-4.jpg

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Teen daughter gets all 12 inches of Blackzilla


Starring: Summer
Movie Length: 25min 09sec
Blackzilla and his huge monster dick fuck another teen daughter as Summer gets her mouth and pussy stuffed with a foot of big black cock! Watch this young blonde with great natural tits try to fit all 12 inches of Blackzilla’s monster cock into her mouth and then in her juicy teen pussy. There is no doubt Summer is loving that big black dick pounding her snatch as she is cumming all over it and eagerly switches from position to position letting Shane Diesel, aka Blackzilla, find the sweet spot where his entire monster dick can fit into this young blonde and fuck her pussy hard. And Blackzilla finds that right position when he bends Summer over, slides all 12 inches of big black dick into her pink teen vagina, fucking it hard and fast until he blows is load all over her sweet young face.
MDBZ_2_Summer-1.jpg MDBZ_2_Summer-2.jpg MDBZ_2_Summer-3.jpg MDBZ_2_Summer-4.jpg

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Lori meets 12 inches of big black cock


Starring: Lori
Movie Length: 25min 06sec
… and she never walks the same again! This young daughter greets Blackzilla and his foot of black salami with an open mouth and spread legs as she experiences big dick to the extreme. Lori is a petite brunette teen and to watch her suck on Blackzilla’s, aka Shane Diesel’s, monster cock and then get fucked by this huge dick is something you want to witness. It’ll make you gasp, cringe, and blow your load all over the place just as Blackzilla cums all over Lori’s face and in her mouth!
mdfn_051111_Lori-1.jpg mdfn_051111_Lori-2.jpg mdfn_051111_Lori-3.jpg mdfn_051111_Lori-4.jpg

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